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Today, It’s All About Video

Today, It’s All About Video
We live in a video economy. Everywhere we look there’s a video screen ready to serve up exactly what we want. How many times do you reach for your mobile device each day? Try counting the times. For me it’s at least 25 times. It sits in a holster on my hip from the moment I get dressed in the morning to when I finally climb into bed late at night. And then it’s on the night table next to me…just in case… And when I don’t have my mobile device belted on, I’m on my iPad, Mac or watching TV. These days, I spend more time looking at screens than any other activity.


Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, It’s just a thing! …A fact of the times!


The lesson in this…
If you want to do business in our video economy, you have to be video-savvy. In the case of an auto dealership, the everlasting dream is to have customers lining up to take a test drive in your new or pre-owned cars. But everyone is too busy looking at screens, shopping online, pointing and clicking!


So, what can a smart auto dealer do?


Here’s the key:
Today, car buyers would rather watch videos than deal with salesmen face to face. So dealers need to get in-market consumers excited enough to actually use the mobile device as a communication tool and call, text or email for an appointment to take a test drive.


Give car shoppers the benefits of exciting, informative and enlightening video. You’ll do more than inform, more than entertain. You’ll provide the excitement and motivation that car shoppers need to turn their online experience into actual test drives.


Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any number of video streaming services, video is the tool that starts the virtual conversation and makes communicating comfortable, fast and easy. For car shoppers, videos of cars for sale provide valuable information that helps with the consumer’s path to purchase while generating an urgent desire to drive the car. When an in-market consumer virtually gets behind the wheel, the dealer has opened the door to a positive relationship that will lead to providing that person with the right car for his or her needs, not just in the immediate future, but for years to come.

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