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fusionZONE and WheelsTV Partner to Offer Wheelstv's 6,000+ Video Test Drive Reports
January 06, 2021
The fusionZONE/WheelsTV partnership adds an essential research, marketing, and sales tool to fusionZONE's industry-leading lineup of dealership websites, further helping to speed the sales process for consumers and dealers.
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Four Video Marketing Approaches Your Dealership Hasn’t Taken
December 18, 2020
Today’s car sales marketplace is all about mobile-ready, interactive, informative video. It’s the medium today’s car buyers prefer when it comes to researching vehicles.
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Dealing with the Current Dealership Slump
December 16, 2020
The best way to counter the slump is to bump up your outreach efforts with the fastest-growing type of marketing media around. Which, according to just about every research service is video.
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Today, It's All About Video
December 12, 2020
If you want to do business in our video economy, you have to be video-savvy. In the case of an auto dealership, the everlasting dream is to have customers lining up to take a test drive in your new or pre-owned cars.
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Essential to every dealership's success.
December 09, 2020
Ask any dealer what the key to dealership success is and they’ll always say: “Sell more cars!” Whether it’s the owner, sales manager, Internet sales manager or sales associate, “Sell more cars!” is always the battle cry.
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Amazon Vehicles and WheelsTV Team Up
June 17, 2019
A powerful partnership with Amazon Vehicles brings WheelsTV's video test drive library to the research pages of Amazon, helping automotive enthusiasts learn about the key features and attributes of thousands of vehicles.
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