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Dealing with the Current Dealership Slump

Dealing with the Current Dealership Slump
Numbers are down, but does that have to mean a dry spell for your dealership?


We won’t lie to you and say there’s something your dealership can do to significantly increase demand. If people are buying fewer cars for a few months, that’s just the way things are. That doesn’t mean you have to take this lying down, though. There might be fewer people buying cars, but if you can bring more of them to your dealership, you can even things out.


The best way to counter the slump, of course, is to bump up your outreach efforts with the fastest-growing type of marketing media around. Which, according to just about every research service is video.


Why is Video Growing So Fast?
First of all, video provides both sound and images, which consumers prefer over text or images. Video engages the senses we use the most, and that keeps consumers’ attention. That’s the underlying reason for video’s success.


Second, we’re in a perfect technological storm that makes video easier to produce, publish, and view.


Third and most importantly: Viewing is a breeze on numerous screens, especially mobile devices, so consumers not only prefer but expect to see video almost everywhere.


How Can Your Dealership’s Videos Stand Out?
There’s a lot of video out there, yes. But that doesn’t mean there’s a lot of GOOD video out there. Chances are there’s a lot of improvements to be made when it comes to video outreach by dealerships in your area.


First and foremost, your videos need to give consumers what they’re looking for. On a dealership’s website, that’s mostly going to mean information. Videos that answer common questions and explain vehicle features in a quick, understandable, and friendly way should be the foundation of your video marketing efforts. Videos should only be as long as they need to be to get the message across, and if they run more than two minutes should be easily navigable so viewers can find the exact information they’re looking for.


If you help your online visitor to do their research by providing compelling, information-filled video, you’ll keep the in-market consumer on your website where they’ll get to YES.

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