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The Luxurious Genesis G90 Once Again Wins WheelsTV’s Pre-Owned Vehicle of the Year (POVY) Award!

The 2020-2021 Genesis G90 luxury sedan again takes the Platinum Wheel at the fourteenth annual WheelsTV POV of the Year judging.

The 2020-2021 Genesis G90 luxury sedan has triumphed in the fourteenth annual WheelsTV POV of the Year Awards judging, taking the WheelsTV Platinum Wheel for the second time in the past three years. The previous generation 2017-2019 Genesis G90 topped all other pre-owned light vehicles in 2021.


When informed of the award, Jarred Pellat, Senior Manager, Public Relations, Genesis Motor North America, stated, “With its top-class amenities, timeless design and advanced technology, our flagship G90 sedan embodies Genesis’ focus on always putting the customer first. We are pleased to be recognized as WheelsTV’s POV of the Year.”

The WheelsTV Pre-Owned Vehicle of the Year or POVY is an internationally recognized award presented each year to an outstanding light vehicle that has achieved exceptional consumer satisfaction and reliability over a span of at least two years. While all new vehicles provide reliable service for  the first few thousand miles, it takes an exceptional pre-owned vehicle to achieve outstanding grades from the motoring public and automotive press through years of reliable service.

"With its top-class amenities, timeless design and advanced technology, our flagship G90 sedan embodies Genesis' focus on always putting the customer first. We are pleased to be recognized as WheelsTV's POV of the Year."

Selecting the WheelsTV POV of the Year is a multi-step process. The distinguished judging panel of nine automotive experts spanning television, radio, print and online media meet in a closed session to first select category winners in nine very different categories: Hybrid, Electric, SUV, Crossover, Sporty Car, Small Car, Family Car, Light Truck and Luxury Vehicle. From these nine finalists, and after much discussion, analysis and horse (power) trading, a winner of the POVY’s coveted Platinum Wheel eventually emerges.


This year’s judging panel included, John Paul, AAA’s “Car Doctor” and auto writer for The Boston Globe, The Providence Journal, and NY Newsday; John Zangari, Co-Host of Drive-Thru Radio on WPRV-AM 790 and 99.7 fm WPRO in the greater Rhode Island area; Craig Fitzgerald, editor of Subaru Drive and contributor to Hagerty’s online buyers’ guides; John Dinkel, former editor of Road and Track and author of books on Mazda and Toyota; Rick DeMeis, host of Rick’s Tech Talk and Natalie Harrington, Senior Staff Writer and Automotive Reviewer at CarGurus and Trustee of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum.


Automotive television was represented by Wayne Carini, host of Chasing Classic Cars on MotorTrend Television and President of F40 Motorsports; Peter Ciani, Senior Writer at WheelsTV; Ant Romano, Client Services and Technology Lead at WheelsTV and Jim Barisano, President of WheelsTV and creator of the prime-time TV series Wild About WheelsChris King, EVP of WheelsTV moderated the online judging via Zoom.

For 2023, the pre-owned 2020-2021 Genesis G90 was a standout among the nine category finalists, garnering the judges’ votes for its outstanding value, reliability and high consumer satisfaction.


Upon the G90’s selection, New England Motor Press (NEMPA) Member Craig Fitzgerald stated, “It’s a full-blown luxury car that offers turbocharged power, all-wheel drive and modern safety technology. It was gratifying to see that we unanimously felt the Genesis G90 was such an outstanding choice for POV of the Year.”


Stated Judge Wayne Carini, “This year’s voting for the 2023 WheelsTV POV of the Year was a great process with great judges. It gets more difficult every year because the cars just keep getting better every year.”


Judge John Paul stated, “POV is one of the most unique awards in the industry. Since used cars outsell new cars by almost 3 to 1, having experts pick their favorite vehicles based on years of road-testing experience helps consumers in what can be an exhausting environment.”

About WheelsTV:


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The WheelsTV production team’s lineage extends to popular prime time automotive television series seen on the Discovery Network, PBS, Speedvision, the Family Channel and in 104 countries worldwide.

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