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WheelsTV Classics Samples

The following clips are drawn from early Wild About Wheels features. They were selected to demonstrate the huge story potential in the world of general-interest automotive programming.

Putting Along With the Arcane Auto Society

From Sea Slugs to Amphicars. Isettas & Multiplas tour the hills outside of San Francisco.

Auto Train Racing

Chain three cars together and race eleven teams on a figure-eight track. It's intersecting motoring mayhem.

Stunt Driver Brian Carson

Legendary stuntman Brian Carson flies automobiles hundreds of feet through the air, ending in a fiery crash!

Silver Arrows From a Golden Age

The massively powerful and equally treacherous Silver Arrows of Auto Union dominated the Golden Age of pre-War European Grand Prix racing.

The Indianapolis Hall of Fame Museum

The Indianapolis 500 Hall of Fame Museum is hallowed ground which celebrates the epic drivers and unforgettable cars of the Memorial Day classic.

Robots on Wheels

The forerunners of today's autonomous cars were first born at Carnegie-Mellon Institute and we go for a driverless ride in one of them.

Pick Your Part, The Science of Auto Salvage

It's a junkyard where anyone can search for automotive 'buried treasure': Pick-Your-Part combines auto salvage with the world's craziest scavenger hunt.

Killer B's

The cars that were too tough to tame: The European Group B rally cars left a trail of blinding speed, but unfortunately, a tragic legacy.

Off-Road Pit Crews

Off-road racing demands drivers made of iron, but their pit crews may be the hardest working men in motorsports. (In 16X9)