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Want to elevate your dealership above the rest and boost car sales? WheelsTV’s video test drive platform is your solution. Our expansive model video test drive library lets your shoppers virtually test drive almost any car model, enriching their shopping journey.

More than just engaging, our videos present unbiased, fact-driven test drive reports, building trust and credibility for your dealership while generating informed, high-quality leads.

Transform your car sales approach with WheelsTV. Enhance customer interaction, lead generation, and sales. Book a demo now and discover how our platform can revolutionize your dealership.

How It Works

1. You Sign Up

Your Dealership signs up and grants permission to have WheelsTV on your website.

2. We Install It

We work with your website provider to quickly get your on-the-road videos up and running. Videos are seamlessly matched to your inventory on your SRPs and VDPs.

3. You Love It

The videos will create a powerful emotional connection with buyers who are in a buying mood – leading to an increase in lead conversion and sales.

Joel Davis

Internet Sales Manager,

Matthews Auto Group

“Matthews Auto’s 6 Dealerships and 11 Websites have been utilizing Wheels TV since before 2017. Since that time, we have seen a tremendous jump in not only our Website VDP Views, but also, Time on Site, Page Views, and Conversions. Wheels TV for Matthews has not only been a great addition to our websites, but more importantly it is heavily utilized by our Sales and BDC teams when attaching Videos to email blasts in our CRM.”